Houston to Miami
H-Town is my home but Miami has my heart.
My heart was broken in Houston but mended in Miami. 
See, long story short….
My mom died in Houston and after two funerals and being emotional and physically drained. 
I had a date with destiny in Miami.
It was my first trip there and it changed my life for the good. I found hope, solice, and peace.
See I wasn’t looking for those things because I didn’t know I needed them until I got them. 
Miami will always have a special place in my heart. After dealing with Hurricane Harvey on Houston then to see the landfall of Hurricane Irma in Miami was traumatic!
Then here comes Blogalicious 2017 in my favorite city of Miami, so not only could I attend the conference but I could check on my city! So, off to Miami I went with my leopard print suitcase lightly packed because since I do my research the ladies that previously attended was sure to let us “newbies” know that the swag is so serious and you will need to plan accordingly. Pack lightly for newly acquired swag, or prepare to ship your swag gifts seperately. I choose to pack lightly. 
I got in town early Thursday, caught a Lyft to the host hotel The Downtown Hilton Miami. Cost effective choice since a taxi would have been double or made tripe the price because I flew into Miami Fort Lauderdale Airport which is 45 mins outside of Miami. Be aware that Miami has two local airports and depending on the arrival airport the commutes are very different. 
It was a rainy day in Miami which is nothing new to Miami it rains and pours and then the sun comes out and makes it all better!
I enjoyed the hotel restaurant area and spacious and well appointed restrooms that cared the most beautifully perfumed scent I have ever smelled in a hotel. I had time to touched my hair up with my flat iron and even shared it with another guest that asked to use it. Sharing is caring. That was my first pay it forward moment at Blogalicious 2017 but many more acts of reciprocity happened during my time in Miami. 
The culture of the conference allowed women from across the country come together network, share best practices, and cultivate their tribe. 
It was everything I was hoping and more….
I meet one of my internet author mentors in person. We shared some special moments and she even shared how one of our weekly PowerUp prayers helped her during a stressful time with her teen daughter. That was a full circle moment. 
I attended some enriching workshops and general assemblies. When I tell you it was a no pressure vibe just enjoy yourself and you decide if you came to hang out at the Jack Daniels booth longer than most and enjoy the spirits or bring your tablet and take notes and attend multiple workshops. I tried to experience as much as i could without overdoing it..
 Found out the BET Awards were happening that weekend along with the Carnival. But Stacey Ferguson the founder of BeBlogalicious made sure that entertainment was built into the intenirary. We had sponsored rides to offsite events and mixers that were  sponsored by Wells Fargo and Jack Daniels. We turned up in Downtown Miami too some old school hip hop. Puffy Daddy, Usher, and Little Kim. But now that I think about it, no local artists like Luke and T-Pain. But found out later they performed in person at the BET awards which was cool! Every morning we had a workout sponsored by The American Heart Association and on my third day we had a poolside workout and the weather was perfect just a little breezy but no rain in sight. 
Afterwards, I enjoyed my breakfast with bacon, orange juice, and other fixing while taking in the view of Miami. The was beautiful and calming like I remembered….
My biggest takeaway from the conference was the clarity i gained for my brand, blog, and authorship business. It was the right combination of information to bring me to my moment of clarity. That was the reason I was there! I couldn’t put my finger on it but I knew I had to go and the confirmation was in every moment for me! The best is yet to come!

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