Hey Everyone! Power Up Parent here and today’s blog is about Summer Conversations with your kids. Now that summer is winding down and school is getting ready to start back up again we need to start having conversations with are children to prepare them for the upcoming school year. The first day of school can be a daunting experience not only for your child but for you too so here are 3 ways from parents.com on how to prepare your child for school.
1. Let your child know what their schedule is BEFORE they get to school
       There’s nothing worse than getting to school and then now knowing where to go and missing first period so before school starts go to your school and have a walk through with your child to every one of their rooms and figure out the best routes for them to take.
2. Ask your child about their feelings
         There’s a lot of build up anxiety when school starts and sometimes that will make it hard for your child to open up to new people and try to make new friends so before school starts make sure you have a talk with your child about some of the things that may be bothering them and reassure them that nothing is wrong and they’ll be ok in school.
3. Point out the positive aspects in their school
             Sometimes being in school all day can make your child feel like they’re in a prison so it’s good to point out the good things about their school instead of focusing on the bad things such as the library a place you can go to get away from people to have some quiet time or the cafeteria where you can socialize with your friends and take a breath before starting the second half of your day.
These three tips will be sure to help your child have a great time at school and a successful school year.
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