World Series Parenting Goals

Swing Batter, Batter, SWING!! Waking up today knowing that The one an only Houston Astros won the 2017 World Series! Imagine that.... Usually I go…

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(Pre-order) PowerUp Parent Book

Redefining & Reclaiming

Table of Contents:

Chapter One: Powerful Relationships: Students, Parents, Teachers

Chapter Two: Defining Relationships

Chapter Three: Parent-Student Relationships Parent

Chapter Four: Teacher-Student Relationship Goals

Chapter Five: Technology:  A Double-Edged Sword

Chapter Six: Making Healthy Relationship, Changes in the Classroom

Chapter Seven: Addressing Student-Teacher Relationship, Problems from the School to the State Legislature



Learn about the top 3 trends that are affecting your teen and how to keep them safe! Social Media Era Parenting is right now and we are the first parents to parent during this time. We are creating a template for future parents to follow.

Make sure you are included in the “What to do.” section and not the “What not to do!

PowerUp Parent Guide!

Giving you the best that social media parenting care has to offer!



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